TTouch Bodywraps

I want to share a video with you that will introduce TTouch Bodywraps.  These wraps help your dog to become more aware of his body and enhances his sense of confidence about himself.  Wraps are beneficial for dogs who are afraid of loud noises, are generally nervous or hyperactive or who panic when riding in a car.  There are many variations of body wraps but the wraps used in the video are a perfect place to start.  As is shown a tshirt can work, but my go to tool is the Ace bandage or for very small dogs the wrap is a simple piece of elastic.  If the wrap is too loose, it will not be effective.  More importantly for this application, the wrap should be comfortably snug but never tight.  (Remember you are bringing awareness to the body, not wrapping a sprained ankle!)

I want to thank Sandy Rakowitz for producing this YouTube video.

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