Happy Holidays canine lovers!

I just want to take a few moments and wish you a Happy and Healthy New Year to you and your canine buddies!  This is a wild time for most dogs with package deliveries, company in and out, carolers on your door step and in just a couple of days Santa will be arriving at all hours.  Remember the first rule:  Safety First!  How do we keep our pets safe?

** Christmas tree safety includes securely anchoring the tree to avoid any mishaps with a tree falling over.  If the tree is in a corner or next to a wall anchoring a tree to the wall is quite easy.  Use either a command hook or cup hook and fishing line to create an almost invisible anchor.  Keep the glass balls off the bottom branches.  Dogs that love to play fetch may think that glass ball is for them which can cause an emergency trip to a vet.  Replace the metal hooks used for hanging ornaments with string or ribbon which will cause less injury if a dog should get a hold of an ornament.  Lastly, keep electrical cords covered or hidden from view to keep chewers safe.

**  Christmas present safety includes keeping food gifts off the floor and out from under the tree.  I know first hand that they will eat through anything to get to these yummy treats.  You don’t want to spend any time looking for bows, wrapping or plastic bags, if you know what I mean.  These non-food items can cause many digestive track issues that can be very serious.

**  Many of us live in snowy, icy and cold climates.  If it is cold for you it is cold for your pet.  One of the more frequent accidents affecting our pets is that folks forego the walk and just let their dogs ‘out for a minute’ to take care of business only to have them wander into the street or into another yard where they may meet not so friendly neighbors.

Let’s keep the Holidays safe for one and all!


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