Force-free training

I’ve been thinking about what would be the best way to introduce The Courteous Canine and what sets me apart from other training facilities.  The most important difference is that I combine force-free training,  TTouch for companion animals and training in your environment.  I think it is a powerful combination and I have to say I see miracles every time I work with a client and their dog.

For this discussion I want to talk about force-free training.  It may be self evident to many readers, but let me offer what it means to me and how that translates into better training for my clients.  I could certainly tell you what it is not, but I prefer to talk about kindness, trust, communication and relationships.  There is no reason not to be kind to animals.  They don’t speak our language until we teach them the words they need to know.  Kindness will alleviate stress and anxiety in a training session.  Kindness and gentleness builds trust.  Trust allows communication between dog and owner and that creates a bonding relationship that will make you and your dog happy.

Force-free training means that we allow dogs to have choices and we encourage and train to make the right choices.  This training can include clickers, if you so wish.  I always introduce a clicker but if you don’t think it works for you for any reason, then that’s fine, too.  You get to have choices too!  I praise dogs when they do something right and I reinforce the positive with rewards.

Some clients put off training because they think the only way to train is through intimidation and fear.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  And, if you have trained an animal using those methods and were disappointed in the result it is because they aren’t kind, they don’t build trust, there is only one-way communication and you do not have the relationship I think we all want with our animals.

My next post will be about TTouch and the following post will discuss why training in your environment is my preference over group classes.

Talk at you soon!

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