About Us & Tellington TTouch Training

A courteous canine begins with gentle training.

I’m Becky Poisson, owner of The Courteous Canine in Westcliffe, Colorado. I have been working with dogs and their owners for over 40 years, including shelter dogs, puppies and adults of all breeds. In addition to graduating from the Animal Behavior College, I am a Practitioner 1, with Tellington TTouch, a force-free method for improving confidence, comfort, relaxation and ease in pets using specific touches, groundwork exercises and body wraps to address underlying causes of fear, stress and anxiety.

Each dog has his or her own personality and behaviors, so each approach is customized to adapt to their needs. You, your dog and I work together to make each training session enjoyable for all and promote desirable behaviors through loyalty, love and rewards. Positive reinforcement and praise are the primary tools used, and I help you learn these practices as well. Whether your dog struggles with excessive chewing, jumping, potty training, socialization, leash walking, aggression or something else, there are rewarding obedience training techniques to replace these negative behaviors with positive ones that will make you and your dog happier.

Learn more about the Tellington TTouch method and one-on-one dog training through The Courteous Canine. Call today to schedule an appointment for your companion.

Obedience Training for Dogs Westcliffe CO By The Courteous Canine