Dog Obedience Training!

At The Courteous Canine, we specialize in one-on-one dog obedience training sessions in your home environment.

Whether you have a dog that needs to start with the basics or just needs a refresher course, give us a howl and we’ll get started. We offer dog obedience training in most of southern Colorado, including Westcliffe, Silver Cliff, Salida, Canon City, Pueblo and Colorado Springs.

Happy dogs. Happy owners.

When it comes to learning, the dog should have fun. You should have fun, too. You will become confident that the skills you are learning are life-long, successful skills. You should have fun too. You’ll become confident that the skills you’re learning are life long, successful skills.

Three is a crowd.

I can help your dog become the best companion he can be and forge a lifelong, loving bond.  The Courteous Canine provides one-on-one dog obedience training sessions in Westcliffe, CO, and the surrounding areas to strengthen your relationship through easy-to-learn training techniques.

Training, not torture.

All dog obedience courses are conducted in your own home environment, giving you and your pal a safe, secure place to work through old habits that no longer serve you or your pet and establish new, healthy behaviors. I am a certified dog obedience trainer with 40 years of experience with all kinds of breeds, and I work with you and your pet one-on-one so there are no distractions. Through individualized classes, your dog can focus on the commands and habits they need to learn without wasting time on the commands they already know. All training sessions are designed to be fun as well as instructional, and that means force free training, NO choke chains, prong collars or other punishing techniques. Each fun and constructive course uses positive reinforcement your dog enjoys receiving and you can feel good giving.

Find out more about The Courteous Canine’s dog obedience trainer, Becky Poisson, read testimonials, or call now to schedule an appointment.

Dog Training in Westcliffe CO By The Courteous Canine